Connect With Us

Caledonian CacheFest (CCF for short) is a non-profit making group set up to organise, fund and run ongoing geocaching events within Scotland.

CCF has been created to organise a large social gathering of geocachers through a biennial roaming event in Scotland starting from May 2017. For the first event in May 2017, it will be held in the Scottish Borders town of Peebles.  Over the coming years we hope to organise some smaller annual events that take place throughout Scotland.

Our aims are to promote geocaching as an exciting, family-oriented activity that increases awareness of our parks and the great outdoors of Scotland.

Provide opportunities for the geocaching community to enjoy geocaching in the area and to meet and socialize with like-minded geocachers.

Actively promote the "Cache In Trash Out" (CITO) program to help in the maintenance of parks and trail systems throughout Scotland. We are working on creating a special Scottish CITO project in conjuntion with other organisations.

We wish to increase awareness of geocaching through interaction with other outdoor activity groups, park authorities, and the public.

We hope to able to introduce the public to geocaching, highlighting environmental awareness through our geoaching events and raise the profile of our national history, geology, natural history and social awareness.

CCF is run by a committee who all give their time voluntarily.

All CCF events are open to anyone irrespective of sex, age, ability, means, religious beliefs or ethnic origin. There are no joining fees or any other financial commitments.