My Dad found the locations for Corrie's Secret and Milky Corrie Spout when he was out running one night. He came home very excited and told me about them. He had gone into Corrie's Secret's cave and looked around and told me he had found a great place for a cache. Then he asked Scottiedogz to go back with him to make sure it was safe. I had a great time when we went to hide the cache until my Dad told me there were bones next to us and then I freaked out and started crying. I was glad to get out again. I love everyone's photos from it and I'm glad Nirikina chose it for her 5000th cache because I know her and I really like her.

Q. What enticed you to hide your Corrie's Secret cache GC5EVWX ?

Q. How did you discover this wonderful hobby geocaching?

Q. Which find means the most to you?

My best memory in geocaching is my 1000th cache (GCN18H, Glenfinnich), it was very hard. It's in an amazing deep gorge. I was wearing sandals, a T-shirt and shorts. My Dad was wearing trainers and trousers. My Dad had to carry me through the deep water and the clothing choice was not fair, lol.

Get my Dad to help around nettles :-). A good GPS helps a lot. I can recognise fake stones. Because I'm small I can look for caches in busy areas without being as suspicious as adults. And I can squeeze into small spaces and get under benches!  

Q. What's your best memory whilst out geocaching?

When my Dad told me I was very excited and shocked and I hoped that I would win. I'm surprised that I got nominated even although I have a lot of geocaching friends. Thanks to everyone who nominated me! I can't wait to find out if I won.

Editor Note : National Geocaching Awards ceremony was held on the 30th August, see all the winners here.

Q. Do you have any tips or tricks that you like to use to find geocaches?

Q. Introduce us to QueenLucyDaffodil?

Q. Where has geocaching taken you that you have never been before?

Q. You where nominated for Young Cacher of the Year in the new upcoming national geocaching awards.
     How does it feel to be nominated for an award, by your fellow geocachers?

My favourite types of geocache are Wherigo caches, virtual caches (I call them ghost caches because of their symbol) and the Mega events. I've heard of a Giga event, I've not been to a Giga but I've been to 2 Mega's. I was sad when I heard that you can't hide any more ghost caches but I still love getting my picture taken at them. I've only found 1 Wherigo cache and I loved it all the way.

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Next up, QueenLucyDaffodil.

Well I love big trackables! I've had a huge spanner, a steering wheel from a car, a champagne bottle, and a huge cuddly toy. We left the cuddly toy in a cache where I got a great piece of swag which was an Xbox 360 headset!! #awesome

Q. Where is the one place that you would absolutely love to visit for geocaching?

Hi, my name's Lucy and I'm 10 years old and I was 5 when I started caching. I started caching in 2011 so I've been caching for 5 years now. Now, I've  found over 1200 caches! I made my name with my Dad. We made it because I liked princesses at the time, my name is Lucy, so my Dad said "PrincessLucy?" I said "No, I'm a queen! I also want daffodils in it!" Then my Dad said "QueenLucyDaffodil"? And I said "Yes!"

Loads of places! I absolutely loved the chain walk cache (GC1HE5M, The Chain Walk Returns Again). I don't think we would have known about it if the cache hadn't been there. 

And recently we went to find two caches near Falkirk (GC4A5VK, To Jupiter the easy way!). When we got there we found that they were in an urban wildlife park which was awesome. I did pond dipping there and would love to do more. 

We were staying in Durness two years ago and found lots of caches there.We found an earthcache on a beach (GC3029P, Durness Boudinage) that was amazing, it was like something off the TV.

When we were on holiday in Ireland last year we found loads of caches in the National Park where we were staying. We spent days cycling there and I loved it.

That's easy. The International Space Station that Tim Peake went to. My school was one of the schools that got two packets of space seeds and one of them had been there. There is a geocache there that I would love to get (GC1BE91).

Scottish Geocachers

Q. What's the coolest piece of swag that you have found?

The find that means the most to me is THE FOUR ELEMENTS OF WALTON BURN (GC5F1ND) because it was fun to spend time with my Dad and each stage was so cool and it was a fun walk and I loved it!

Do you have a geocaching adventure tale to tell, have you recently completed a geocaching milestone, then we would love to hear from you, contact us.

My Dad had heard about geocaching a long time before we started.  One day we didn't have anything to do and so my Dad asked me if I wanted to try it.  He looked up the one nearest to where we live and we went to try to find it (GCR2R0, Tak Ma Doon). I loved it because the cache had lots of swaps in it.

Q. What's your favourite type of geocache?