Charlie (The Geodog), myself (Sharen) and my better half (Rog) are team thejackrustles from Forres, Morayshire. We all love caches that involve a dog walk and take you to interesting or beautiful areas. One of the team is also obsessed with numbers and collecting things, be it caches, trigpoints or benchmarks. Her favourite type of cache is a traditional cache at a YOSM FBM as this ticks all the boxes! If it has an event at it, even better!

Geocaching found me through my geo flat mate (the Drudge) and Finlay (the ever faithful geo-hound) when suddenly, around 2011 sometime, day trips and outings weren't just about random wanderings anymore. Well, actually there can still be a lot of random wandering, we just cover it up better now! I love discovering new places, it never ceases to amaze me, the places you come across that you would probably never have discovered without Geocaching! I do seem to have developed an unusual habit over the years though regarding my logging - I believe my current record is now around 2 1/2 years before catching up with my logs...... But I always get there in the end!

I am Ian and part of Team N0hope. I started caching just over four years ago when a work colleague introduced me to the game. I mainly cache in Southern Scotland but have found caches all across the UK and Europe. I have found caches in Spain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and in the Artic Circle across Norway, Sweden and Finland. I am not into extreme caches and just enjoy discovering new places and a good walk with my geohound in the countryside. I also enjoy placing geocaches and currently own over 70 on, several more on and even have one or two on
My other passion is geocoins. I have been collecting geocoins for about three years and have a collection of over 1000 geocoins and now run Geocache Land, Scotland's only geocaching store.

I'm an obsessed geocacher and trig bagger from the Highlands. I like to have fun while caching and particularly enjoy the extreme ones to give me a bit of a challenge. I've been involved in a few caching projects and gained considerable sponsorship for them. My favourite cache is the Spar Cave Earthcache on Skye. I'm always keen to help out Newbies as we have all been a Newbie.

Hello I'm Caley head of the Caledonian CacheFest Clan. When not on duty I can be found roaming the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. I epitomises the independent, mysterious and wild spirit of the Highlands like no other creature. I love to attend events and entertain the geocaching community. In my spare time I tend to enjoy annoying those pesky Scottish geohounds, mainly Charlie and Finlay.

Discovered Geocaching in 2010... and instantly became addicted!

I specialise in waterfalls, caves, castles and sneaky urban nanos. I'm a big fan of Golden Oldie caches... there's something special about hiking to a great location to find an old ammo can with the original log book still inside. I have found caches in over twenty countries but my most memorable finds have been the hidden gems I've discovered right on my doorstep. This year I completed my D/T grid... so I'm now working towards my Jasmer. Only nine to go!

Finlay (The Geodog) and I (Chris). We were looking to get out and explore different walks when we discovered geocaching in April 2011. We are from the Glasgow area but love going all over Scotland discovering new areas and meeting cachers. We are very fond of finding golden oldie caches on there geo-anniversary and are currently trying to find the 100 oldest caches in Scotland.

Caledonian CacheFest Team