Caley's Challenge

Caley's Challenge is back

Caley's Challenge is back! Every month Caley Cat will challenge the geocaching community to find a specific kind of cache or group of caches.

Caley Cat September Challenge - Virtuals, Virtuals, and Virtuals!!!

August 24th saw the surprise return of Virtuals. To celebrate their return this month's Challenge is all about the "wee ghost"!

Challenge 1.

Find a cache hidden within a day of the date you found your first ever Virtual. (1pt)

Challenge 2.

Find a cache hidden within a day of the date you found your most recent Virtual. (Pre Sept 2017) (1pt)

Challenge 3.


ind a Virtual. (1pt)

Who knows where it will take you? Hopefully not too far! If you want a head start with the admin check out Project GC - Tools - Map Compare - for all your hidden date needs!


This challenge will begin on 1st September and will close at midnight on 30th September. Only caches logged as found within these dates can qualify. Only one qualifier required for each challenge so there is a maximum of 3 POINTS up for grabs this month. I shouldn't really have to say this but no moaning and no throw-downs!

Challenge Points (CP)

For fulfilling a challenge, you will be rewarded with challenge points. Some challenges will give a different number of CP depending on what level of a challenge you have completed.

Post your GC name followed by the GC code of your qualifying cache and a short description on our facebook thread here.

The leader at the end of the 6 months (Dec 2017), will win a special Ammo Can full of geocaching goodies.