Caley's Challenge

Caley's Challenge

Happy new year! We’ve decided to take January off so there will be no Caley Challenge this month.

The results are in!!!

3+4 Cache Hunters - 2pts

Crieff Lass - 3pts

The Mutchies - 3pts

FraSoSi - 4pts

Johnsar - 4pts

Amazo - 5pts

Claxons - 5pts

Janechick - 5pts

Landsbanki - 5pts

NeiKat - 5pts

Pendragon9321 -

5pts Tdfthom - 5pts

Thanks for all your efforts, as expected it has been a photo finish with only the bonus points separating the top of the table.

The first bonus point for Creating a Caley Challenge goes to Tdfthom75. It was a tough decision as we had so many great suggestions (maybe you’ll see them again soon!) but Caley Cat liked the “pyramid scheme” format of Tdfthom75’s 13 Steps Challenge.

The second bonus point was for finding the Loneliest Cache and that also goes to Tdfthom75... with a whopping 1911 days!!!

The final bonus point for finding the Goldenest Oldie goes to NeiKat for a venerable April 2001 vintage.

So, the winner is... Tdfthom75!

Well done Tristan! We will be in touch to arrange your prize.